Recommended Vendors

Below you will find a list of vendors that Dr. Zinderman recommends & uses for your pet’s recovery. To learn more about each item, click to go to their website.

The Help 'em up harness
Help ‘Em Up

This is a dog mobility harness specially made to help you lift your dog up in a safe manner. The Help ‘Em Up harness features a patented “Hip Lift” that is comfortable enough to stay on your dog.

Assisi loop logo. Circle of care
Assissi Loop

The Assissi Loop is a non-invasive pain management solution that will help us work as a team to continue your pets health care at home. Visit their website to learn about the innovative pet-care technology they are using.

Ruffwear logo

Ruffwear has created long-lasting and durable products for you and your pet. Their dog harnesses are made to be comfortable, and will provide support for your pet’s recovery.

Eddie's Wheels logo. We test our products on animals
Eddie’s Wheels

These are custom-built wheelchairs and carts fit specially to your pet’s needs. Eddie’s Wheels can help in the physical rehabilitation of your pet, or can improve their quality of life by allowing them increased mobility.

AniMotion products logo. The animal mobitlity & fitness company

AniMotion Products

AniMotion provides the Biko Mobility Progressive Resistance Bands that can help your pet with rear leg weakness and rehabilitation. Right now, this is the only brand that offers a tool like this for veterinary medicine.

Hero Braces

Finding an alternative to surgery doesn’t have to be painful. Hero Braces provide the stability you need to get back to life.