Our Veterinarians

The vet Dr. Z hugging a white and tan English bulldog

Dr. Steven Zinderman

Veterinarian, Owner

Dr. Zinderman received his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from Oklahoma State University and has been practicing for over 25 years in Southeast Michigan. He is certified in both physical rehabilitation and pain management.

“My initial goals in opening Comfort Care Veterinary Services were to offer at home hospice, palliative care, and compassionate peaceful euthanasia at the end of life. As my education, experience and skills developed, I have been able to expand and alter my services to open a pain management and physical rehabilitation service. These services can benefit pets at all stages, not just the end stages of life.

“I became interested in pet comfort through my own experiences in my practice and with my own pets. My rescue dog Sally was attacked by other dogs as a puppy. She was brought to me with a punctured eye, broken jaw, and a hole in her head. After repairing her wounds, she awoke and was in terrible pain. She would not walk or eat. I initiated an aggressive pain management protocol and within hours, she was a happy puppy, eating, drinking, and running around. Since that time, I have been devoted to the alleviation of pain in our pets.

“My patients and clients have experienced and witnessed alleviation of debilitating conditions and return of function for their pets experiencing injury trauma, surgical post-operative recovery, and neurological conditions. With the use of our physical rehabilitation techniques such as acupuncture, underwater treadmill and medication management, we have been able to improve the life of our patients and their families.”

When not in the clinic, you will find Dr. Zinderman enjoying the outdoors. Whether sailing, fishing, bicycling or hiking; there couldn’t be a better place to be. Dr. Zinderman also practices in the discipline of Shotokan karate. “I find the practice of karate a rigorous but meditative experience. It is a chance to challenge oneself as well as a way to find a quiet place in my mind.”