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Comfort Care’s Philosophy

Dr. Zinderman’s goal with Comfort Care Veterinary Services is to work hand in hand with you and your referring veterinarian to create the best care for your pet. Whether they are recovering from a surgery or injury, or it is time to say goodbye – we are here to help. We offer many our services out of your home for your convenience and for the comfort of your pet. Services offered in-home include; euthanasia, pain management and quality of life assessment.

When care is offered out of your home, your pet remains in a familiar, comfortable place where they will be less stressed, allowing the appointment to be more productive. If your pet is going through Physical Rehab, we also have a fully-equipped facility to get your pet back in their ideal shape. Call today or Contact Dr. Zinderman to find out what Comfort Care Veterinary Services can do for your pet.

Our Offices Are Located in:

  • Canton
  • Livonia

Please note: Physical Rehab and Acupuncture is only available at the Canton location.

We also offer Home Euthanasia services in many local areas – please contact us to find out if we service your area.

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In Dr. Zinderman’s Words…

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